Maybe because of genetics, age, or because you have shaved them so often, you can not achieve the desired effect on your eyebrows without spending half an hour in the mirror. If this is your case, eyebrows micropigmentation can be a great option.

Facts about this option:

It will not look like a tattoo. Micropigmentation is not the same as eyebrow tattooing. The difference is that the eyebrow tattoo is a straight and continuous line that makes it obvious that the eyebrow is not natural, while the eyebrows’ micropigmentation is done with a ‘pencil’ that penetrates the most superficial layer of your skin painting hair by hair with gentle movements.

It is not permanent. The effect will disappear between 8 and 12 months after having performed the procedure. This is great since fashion changes and your tastes too.

All change takes time. Be prepared to feel a bit strange, consider that it is still a change and you will need time to get used to it.

Post-treatment care. During the first few days you may experience mild inflammation and a very thin crust may form.

You need to apply the healing cream that the expert will give you, not expose yourself to the sun or go to the sea or the pool. Also, you should not make up the area that has been micropigmented.


Positive things is that it’s a fast and reliable process. With this procedure you can save time in long term, since you will not need to touch up your eyebrows so often and the shape of these will always be perfect.

The results are immediate, although if you do not like how it is you can wait a season until it is removed or the color is lowered. But you can forget about the annoying hairs that deform your eyebrow.

It is a method that serves both male and female. When dealing with the eyebrows, this area requires a prior examination, since not all skins, tones and hairs are the same.

Visit an expert. It is necessary that you make an appointment with a certified expert so that he can help you design the eyebrow shape you want, taking into account the geometry of your face. In EDM CAPILAR they have the best treatments for both eyebrow pigmentation and capillary micropigmentation.