Every day more people suffer from alopecia, this is something very common, all people lose hair. Alopecia can occur not only in the head but also in the eyebrows, eyelashes, beard, armpits …

Some of the causes of this excessive hair loss can be stress, hormonal problems, baldness, the consumption of some type of medication, or it can be due to some disease. If you suffer from this, the best thing you can do is to go to a specialist.

There are different types of alopecia, such as Androgenetic, which is the most common in society. There is also the Fibrosante, which is the hair fall in the front area of the head, which causes the hair to grow only in the farthest part of the forehead. The diffuse alopecia that makes the hair first becomes dry and straight, to gradually fall off. The last two types of alopecia are the Cicatrix and the Universal, the first is related to diseases that make hair fall out, while the second is a disease in which the body produces antibodies against the hair follicles.

But there are different types of treatments to treat alopecia. There are anti-fall products that help delay or prevent hair loss. There are also treatments to regenerate hair. There are also temporary solutions such as wigs, or prostheses or permanent hair grafts. In addition to all of this there is also micropigmentation.

edm capilar

In EDM Capilar we have the best alternatives to hair transplantation, both in capillary micropigmentation and micropigmentation of eyebrows. Its treatment is definitive, without surgery and with surprising results. And maybe you will ask: What is micropigmentation and what are its benefits?

Scalp pigmentation is a technique that creates the sensation of true follicles and micro hairs, recreating the hair. Small amounts of ink are introduced at a superficial level of the head to create the sensation of hair. It is a permanent makeup, it differs from the tattoo in that it does not require such deep penetration and the colors are not removable. It is an alternative to traditional surgery, medications, or wigs.

Benefits that this may have are, besides being an alternative to baldness, it avoids the secondary effects of a transplant, such as infections or loss of sensitivity, itching …

But before making any decision, it is recommended to be well informed about the options and to study carefully the different types of treatments.